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Squadron Index

All listed squadrons are of varied sizes, ranging from six man teams to 40+ member organizations. This list of Squadrons includes information about each squadron with a way to contact a member(s) for follow on information concerning Squadron Matches, more indepth information about the Squadron and Recruitment information. To add your own squadron or have a squadron article edited, feel free to contact the ACN staff through the Contact Sheet. This list was last updated August 31st, 2009.

9th Air Division “War Hawks”

51st Mercenary Division

86th Independent Air Squadron “Grus”

108th War Dog Squadron

156th Tactical Fighter Wing “Aquila”

183rd Air Division

345th Tactical Fighter Wing “The Lancers”

461st Dark Angels Squadron

Ace Combat Elite Squadron

Belkan Air Force

Blizzard Team



Freelance Alliance 6th Mixed Air Unit

Free Erusian Air Force

Garm Squadron

K12 Crazy Swiss Pilots

Kings of Gaming: Rouge

Original Top Guns

Razgriz Air Division


Sins and Saints

Strategic Military Services

TCS Gladiator Wing


Universal Peace Enforcement Organization

Verusa Air Force 216th Fighter Wing “Aeolus”

Wizard Squadron

Xenith Gaming Clan: Xenith

Squadron Statistics

Squadrons usually interact with one another at websites which allow them create their own folders (sub-forums) on their websites. Only a few website support these squadrons. Here is the current standing of squadrons on this index being hosted on those websites.

AceCombatSkies: 13 Squadron(s) 1 Squadron(s)*
: 8 Squadron(s)
Independent: 4
: 4 Squadron(s)

*Representative Status