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Belkan Air Force

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Date of Formation: January 24th 2007
Site(s) of Operation:
Primary Consoles: XBOX 360, Playstation 2
Primary Games: Ace Combat Zero, Ace Combat 04, Ace Combat 05, Ace Combat 06, Call of Duty 4

Information: The Belkan Air Force was founded on January 24th 2007, making it one of the oldest squadrons on ACS. It was founded by General Strigon 1, who is still with the squadron today. The BAF maintains several sub-squadrons, with a main force of ten sub-squadrons, two ceremonial squadrons, and eleven secondary squadrons. The BAF has undergone several leadership changes through its existence with the most note worthy being the transition of power from Strigon 1 to Mercenary Pilot. Mercenary Pilot built up the reputation of the squadron and led it to becoming a main-stay on ACS.

The BAF is being currently led by General Ocelot, who may not be as professional as some of his predeccessors, but is well-liked by his members for his focus on having fun. The BAF has an active online force who is willing to accept all challenges they consider a match, along with an active legacy force which it still maintains today.

Contact Information

Screen Name: Major Ocelot
Email: ----