Ace Community Network


ACN Staff Positions

The Ace Community Network staff covers multiple roles to keep ACN going. These roles are:
A C N Event Staff
The planners of A C N events. Often focused on creating the basis of an A C N event, the Event Staff is also responsible for advertising these events and handling registrations. When an event is ready to be held,  Event Staff will adjust by expanding or reducing members.

A C N Indexer
Indexers are responsible for handling information from interviews and organizing that information into articles about those groups. Indexers should consult interview materials to ensure how accurate these articles are. Indexers are also responsible for bi-monthly updates to articles, if any are needed.

A C N Interviewer
Makes contact with Ace Combat groups. Making contact with these groups can sometimes be a touchy deal. Before asking for information, be sure to state why you are contacting them. Explain what A C N is and why we want information about their group. Following this, ask them so send us an email about their squadron or maybe setup a time to enter a party with their group and interview them. Interviews will have preset questions prepared ahead of time, in order to get the information we need.

A C N News Watch
Those on News Watch surf the various Ace Combat websites, forums and frequently mingle with the community in the Ace Combat online community. They are mainly responsible for reporting on tournaments, major squadron activities,

A C N Technical Support
Technical Support staff primarily run how the site works. Organization of pages and sections, website design and handle technical problems. Technical Support may also assist with indexing when needed.


The Ace Community Network Staff would like to thank various members of the Ace Combat Community for their cooperation in making this website a reality and promoting cooperation throughout the community.
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