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Date of Formation: 2007
Site of Formation: Independent
Primary Consoles: XBOX 360
Primary Games: Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation
Having formed in a somewhat impromptu manner, Strategic Military Services was originally a two man team from the 535th Aggressor Squadron forums. Based off of a Private Military Contractor in Macross Frontier, their operations on Ace Combat 06, Strategic Military Services eventually became a support unit for operations carried out by the 12th Multi-National Aggressor Taskforce "Ribbon" Squadron. Having originally known the squadron's commanding officers on a personal basis, SMS would go on to support Ribbon-Squadron in their final series of squadron engagements. May 24th, 2009 would bring the disbandment of the Ribbon-Squadron due to inactivity throughout most of their ranks. While some pilots decided to join other squadrons or move on from any Ace Combat squadron operations, active Ribbon-Squadron pilots transferred over to Strategic Military Services.
At present, Strategic Military Services is a squadron made up of three units. Vermilion Team and Wolf Team are invite-recruitment only units, active in both Ace Combat 06 and HAWX. The SKULL Team is the lead team of the entire squadron; all pilots in SKULL Team are only invited into the unit after distiguishing themselves within one of the two other units and must change their XBL GamerTag to SMS SKULL # (SMS SKULL #1, SMS SKULL#6, etc.).

Contact Information

Contact Name: SKULL 1

Contact Name: Ribbon-Blue
XBL GamerTag: RibbonBlue111
Email: [email protected]