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Date of Formation: 2001
Site of Formation: Ace (
Primary Consoles: XBOX 360, Playstation 3
Primary Games: Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

"In caelo, unus cornus pugnatoris multis" - "In the sky, one wing of many fighters"

Officially the Sea Haven Ministry of Defense, we represent the premier in professional development and gaming seen across the industry. Seven years of background, dedication and growth, the Sins and Saints are the first Ace Combat team ever created, and are looking for dedicated and motivated individuals looking to join a team that stresses teamwork and individual value through a competitive gaming environment.

Created in 2001 under the name of the Sea Haven Ministry of Defense, our popular name derives from our top performers from the team, the Sinners and the Saints Squadrons. Our gaming ventures have defined us through Ace Combat, though we have expanded into multiple games across many platforms.

We are the first Ace Combat Squadron ever created, and we are dedicated to the Professionalism mindset. Our labors work towards a goal to enhance the experience for all gamers, and we look to expand the competitive mindset while retaining a relaxed setting for our members and those we associate with.

Our value is grounded in Professionalism, and it is our charge to expand that idea in the gaming industry. Gaming teams have stood to create community, and we work to do more for not only the community that is the Sins & Saints, but the community at large. A community that is family like in nature, but respects the ideas we are grounded in.

Its a community that adheres to US military standardization, but internally, we are a team that respects each and every member, be they higher ranking or a new player.

Our Honor Treatise:

As the Ministry of Defense we cherish the diverse backgrounds and talents of every human, yet recognize the common thread that unites: the trust and confidence of all persons without regard to race, sex, or nationality. They have appointed us to defend our country by developing our minds, our bodies and most especially, our moral character.

It is our responsibility to develop a selfless sense of duty that demands excellence both of ourselves, and of those with whom we serve. We must honor our loyalties without compromising our ultimate obligation to the truth. Our leadership must set a standard that reflects loyalty to our goals, and the courage to stand accountable for all our actions; both those that lead to success and to those that end in failure. We will never settle for achieving merely what is expected of us, but will strive for a standard of excellence that reflects the dedication and courage of those who have gone before us. When we attain our goal, we will raise our expectations; when we fall short, we will rise up and try again. In essence, we espouse leadership by example, a leadership that will inspire others to follow, wherever we may lead.

Countless challenges and trials lie before us. We believe that those with the strongest moral foundation will be leaders who best reflect the legacy of the Ministry of Defense.

This is our call as soldiers, airmen, marines, and sailors; it is a mission we proudly accept.

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