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KoG: Rouge

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Date of Formation: 2001
Website(s) of Operation:,
Primary Consoles: XBOX 360
Primary Games: Ace Combat 06, Tom Clancy's HAWX

Information: Kings of Gaming (KoG) is a part of, 30,000+ member community which plays on various consoles and titles. KoG itself is made up of 30+ clans on various game titles; of these clans, only three are Ace Combat Squadrons. These squadrons are KoG: Requiem, Rouge, and Shadow.

KoG: Rouge was formed in 2001 by Marksman108 (General) Anakin (Captain) Cranky (shadow 10), Spak and HooverLungs (shadow5). These members later went on to form their own squadrons, but provided KoG:Rouge with a stable base to expand from. Rouge Squadron is commanded by KoG 3MilesHigh.

Contact Information

Contact Name: KoG 3MilesHigh
Contact EMail: ----