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Date of Formation: 2004
Site of Formation: Ace (
Primary Consoles: Playstation 3
Primary Games: Tom Clancy's HAWX, Call of Duty: World at War, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Rainbow Six Vegas, Battlefield Bad Company

Founded by "Hellbird" in late 2004 and recognized as an official squadron at in 2005. It is one of the original squadrons at and in it's early days the Squadron itself was quite controversial due mainly to it's Commander - Hellbird. Who spent more time banned from the site than he did visiting it.

However this controversy over it's Commander tended to entice people. The Squadron grew and somehow managed to get itself back into the fold @ Of course the FEAF was, due to the type of people it attracted not exactly welcomed and once again was banned. However it's members (without Hellbird) still were very active at and when that site changed into ACSkies it's members were still active participants of the community. Over time with Hellbirds absence due to being banned at the forums it's view by the community tended to change. No longer were they so controversial, or aggressive in nature. Rather, the Squadrons members at that site tended to act in a helpful way by assisting with score keeping, giving advice on building squadrons or helping to promote events. Even so far as one member paying for the upkeep of the ACS servers itself.

With the release of AC6 not being on the Sony Platform (which FEAF members tended to gravitate to) it was decided by the leadership of the FEAF to be a Sony platform clan in it's entirerity. Not having Ace Combat was sorely missed but we were still active in the community and those of us who purchased a 360 to get the game - well so long as we didn't compete in an official nature it was tolerated.

Around this time is when the FEAF also mutated into not only an "Air Force" but a "Ground" clan as well. In order to keep the clan going we decided to deploy to various games such as Rainbow Six Vegas, Call of Duty 4, Call of Duty W@W, Battlefield Bad Company. But our roots still being with Air Combat games we obviously participated with Blazing Angels (which everyone hated), and HAWX which the clan is still active in.

The FEAF during this phase also branched out to the European Continent giving complete command of it's branch to "Davo" who still Commands the FEAF for that continent. Both the European and North American clans are free to participate with each other and even engage in "Official" matches as teamates if desired. This second branch was created due mainly to the time differences between them.

We have a solid command structure that hasn't changed since the inception of the clan and is based upon the US military's rank structure. We don't have individual "Squadrons" or "Commanders" of individual groups. Rather, the CO, Ops, and XO decide upon who will participate in any official engagement. (Which always seems to work fine oddly and with little complaints) Individual members are free to "engage" enemy troops or aircraft in any game so long as they utilize FEAF rules and guidelines. Everyone under the Commander, Deputy Commander, Operations Officer, and XO are treated and considered equals. Each member even has the power to accept new members - so long as the new individual follows clan guidelines & rules.

Contact Information

Contact Name: Dubit
Playstation ID: dubit
Website: FEAF Home Site,

Contact Name: Pandazooka