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Razgriz Air Division

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Date of Formation: 2006
Site of Operation:
Primary Consoles: XBOX 360, Playstation 2
Primary Games: Ace Combat Zero, Ace Combat 04, Ace Combat 05, Ace Combat 06, Call of Duty 4

Information: The Razgriz Air Division was formed in 2006 by Infernal and Artemis, former members of the Belkan Air Force. Then and now, the Razgriz Air Division has continued to be an Ace Combat-led squadron that also participates in various online and offline activities on other games.

The Razgriz Air Division provides a semi-militaristic atmosphere which promotes a close knit, “family” type of squadron environment. The belief that anyone, despite their age, with a proper maturity, can have a great time together without having to be bogged down in too many technicalities. Though a sense of honor, integrity and loyalty to the squadron are keys to a successful and rewarding membership, RAD does have a rank system with the squadron, but emphasizes that a member’s rank does not necessarily make them a greater or lesser part of the squadron.

Squadron members taking it easy and joking with one another is common practice, but shouldn’t mark RAD as an unprofessional squadron. The Razgriz Air Division is very involved with online activities in various XBOX360 titles and legacy Ace Combat operations.

 Another unit involves non-flight operations, primarily dealing with operations in Call of Duty.

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Contact Name: Solo Wing Demon
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