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Verusian Air Force 216th Fighter Wing"Aeolus"

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Date of Formation: September, 2007
Site(s) of Operation:
Primary Consoles: XBOX 360, Playstation 2
Primary Games: Ace Combat Zero, Ace Combat 04, Ace Combat 05, Ace Combat 06

In ancient Greece, the mighty god Aeolus ruled the winds along with the Anemoi, the four gods of the cardinal direction of the winds. Boreas ruled the north wind, Notus, the south, Eurus, the east, and Zephyrus, the west. These gods kept the winds strong in the sails of ships, had the power to create great cataclysms, and brought the four seasons. Indeed, the god Aeolus guided the great hero Odysseus home to Ithaca by giving him a bag of winds. He who controls the winds, controls the sky!

Honesty, respect, good sportsmanship, team work and loyalty is what is expected from all Aeolus Wing members from the moment they join. The Aeolus Wing is set up around a military styled system of ranks. An individual can advance through these ranks in various ways, not only depending on their skill alone. Personal commitment and activity are also viable ways to increase one's rank; the only thing that can hinder an advancement is an individual's actions. Aeolus Wing does not use ranks to measure a pilot's importance or worth.

Aeolus Wing was co founded in by Ender and Stunod shortly after the termination of the Hell Cats squadron in September, 2007. It was not a replacement or reincarnation of HC, but many former HC members joined. They commanded the wing effectively and were involved in myriad legacy competitions with other squads, many of them victorious.

Because of a failure in communication and a terrible error on the part of mobious_1, Ender and Stunod left Aeolus Wing. Ender placed mobious_1 in command, but TexasEagle was the next in line, so they shared joint command just as Ender and Stunod did. This worked more than satisfactorily and Aeolus continued to do well despite the loss of some of our best members. Eventually, TexasEagle’s family affairs led him to leave and mobious 1 took full command.

Aeolus had great difficulty in switching from PS2 to the Xbox360. As a result, in the latter half of 2008 Aeolus experienced a terrible downturn lasting until early April, 2009, with many members becoming inactive. This was compounded by the normal inactivity that occurs during the school year. By temporarily limiting recruitment to AC6 players only, we were able to gain more members, and when we reached May, 2009, AC6 activity was more than satisfactory. Unfortunately, this (combined with the lack of willing outside opponents) has led to a sharp decline in Legacy players. To correct this, PS2 players are once again welcome in Aeolus. Legacy competition affairs are left in the capable hands of Saberstrike.

Contact Information

Screen Name: mobious_1 (Commanding Officer of Aeolus Wing)
Gamertag: mobious1x216118