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Date of Formation: July of 2009
Site of Formation:
Primary Consoles: XBOX 360
Primary Games: Ace Combat 06: Fires of Liberation

The DINOxSquadron is actually one part of a two part group, unlike traditional squadron setups. Their sister squadron in the DARKNESS Squadron. The DINOxSquadron is one of the first and few squadrons that began their operations in 2009. One of the main focuses of the DINOxSquadron is respect; respecting one another and anyone they come in contact with. This squadron is beginning to gain momentum in the online community and is starting to get involved in multiple competitions. Other games outside of Ace Combat are being considered to fall under DINO operations, but no official announcement has been made.

Contact Name: KANE
Email: [email protected]

Contact Name: SMASH
XBL GamerTag:
Email: [email protected]