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Hello everyone! It is your new Community Events blogger MobiusBlaze.
In this post comes the exciting conclusion to the Shattered Skies Tournament.
Congratulations to Tornado ADV for winning this event, as well as congratulations for all who participated. Here is a list of participants and their scores:

Tornado ADV:

Mission 1: 1080/1'58'59
Mission 2: 2610/2'23"58
Mission 3: 1760/4'12"30
Mission 4: 1660/3'00"40
Mission 5: 6000/11'07"20
Mission 6: 8150/15'00"00
Mission 7: 3195/12'45"60
Mission 8: 4750/13'00"00
Mission 9: 7260/13'38"53
Mission 10: 8290/20'00"00
Mission 11: 840/04'07"93
Mission 12: 3170/05'45"01
Mission 13: 4980/08'54"58
Mission 14: 2260/05'47"70
Mission 15: 6030/12'01"10
Mission 16: 8700/20'00"00
Mission 17: 6000/14'39"11
Mission 18: 5280/06'17"36

Total Score: 82015
Total time: 2:54'38"99



Mission 1: 1080/02'10"40
Mission 2: 2610/02'34"16
Mission 3: 1760/04'14"66
Mission 4: 1660/03'02"78
Mission 5: 5300/11'07"13
Mission 6: 8210/15'00"00
Mission 7: 2785/10'22"65
Mission 8: 4030/13'00"00
Mission 9: 6720/13'23"60
Mission 10: 8270/20'00"00
Mission 11: 840/05'15"05
Mission 12: 2990/06'52"58
Mission 13: 4680/09'00"83
Mission 14: 2260/08'11"63
Mission 15: 5480/12'17"83
Mission 16: 8190/20'00"00
Mission 17: 5520/14'59"26
Mission 18: 5190/06'14"18

Total Score: 77575
Total Time: 2:55'46"74


Silver Eagle:

Mission 1: 840/02'22''88
Mission 2: 2610/4'56''30
Mission 3: 1700/4'59''01
Mission 4: 1660/4'37''68
Mission 5: 5160/11'10''78
Mission 6: 7490/15'00''00
Mission 7: 2025/11'06''71
Mission 8: 3110/13'00''00
Mission 9: 5720/13'32''78
Mission 10: 7150/20'00''00
Mission 11: 840/5'11''45
Mission 12: 2990/8'47''43
Mission 13: 3280/8'04''31
Mission 14: 2260/7'50''88
Mission 15: 4980/13'02''51
Mission 16: 7040/20'00''00
Mission 17: 4830/17'30''78
Mission 18: 5190/12'22''45

Total Score: 68875
Total Time: 3:13'35"95



Mission 1: 1080/2'29"68
Mission 2: 2510/3'16"63
Mission 3: 1760/4'24"50
Mission 4: 1660/3'54"06
Mission 5: 4680/10'59"81
Mission 6: 7970/15'00"00
Mission 7: 2225/7'46"21
Mission 8: 3480/13'00"00
Mission 9: 4750/12'41"35
Mission 10: 6220/20'00''0
Mission 11: 600/2'27"25
Mission 12: 2810/6'07"81
Mission 13: 3180/8'11"55
Mission 14: 2260/6'58"56
Mission 15: 4420/13'02"93
Mission 16: 7450/20'00''00
Mission 17: 5480/14'35"66
Mission 18: 4650/8'29"91

Total Score: 66185
Total Time: 2:53'25"90

Thanks to all those who participated, and once again, congratulations Tornado ADV! You will be contacted via PM/Email concerning your prize. Stay tuned, for more is in store for you ACNers.

ACN's Shattered Skies Tournament (SST) has officially come to an end. All competitors that registered at the proper date are now turning in their scores to Green Giant @ or to the ACN email. A few competitors that requested an extension before the tournament's end have been allowed to turn in their scores at a later date.
The deadline for ACN's Shattered Skies Tournament is closing fast. Competetors only have one more day to submit all of their images to Green Giant (Ribbon-Crimson) or to the ACN Staff email account: [email protected]

With all registrations closed for the past 24 hours, the Shattered Skies Tournament has started. All participants have until August 13th, 2009 to complete all 18 missions of Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies and submit photos of the mission debrief screen to Green Giant @ or send them into ACN's email: [email protected].

All pictures of debriefing screens should include a card or paper with the player's screen name and the date the mission was completed. No information concerning the score or overall amount of kills during the mission should be covered. In the case of vital information being covered, the player in question will have to replay that mission.


ACN's Shattered Skies Tournament will close to new contestants by 10pm MST on July 25th, 2009. The Torunament will start on July 27th, 2009 and last until August 13th, 2009. Any last minute contestants can still sign up here.

The Grand Prize for the Shattered Skies Tournament is a NegCon Controller. This unique Playstation Controller is a rare piece of equipment which works with Air Combat, Ace Combat 2 and Ace Combat 03: Electrosphere, along with the Ridge Racer series on the PSOne. The winner of the tournament will be emailed by ACN for their shipping information to get the item to them.


ACN's Shattered Skies Tournament is an individual event. Pilots that are in squadrons and are not in squadrons are welcomed to join in the tournament. Though there are no teams, individuals from squadrons are encouraged to join.

Entrants will have 21 days to complete all 18 missions of Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies. The overall winner of the torunament will be decided by their final cummulitave score. In the event of a tie for first place, the overall time in which all missions were completed will decide the 1st place finisher.

To validate their scores and times, entrants will need to submit screen shots (from digital cameras, cellphones, etc.) with a date and the user's name. Entrants will have a 24 hour grace period to submit scores. After that time, players will forefit if nothing is submitted. All missions will be played on Ace difficulty without using the X-02 Wyvern in any missions.


Ace Community Network is setting up its first torunament. Headed by Green Giant (Ribbon-Crimson), the tournament is a Legacy Torunament being setup at The game to be played is Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies. The tournament is currently taking in intersted participants. There is currently no start date for the event and follow on information is to come soon. See the SST thread for information and to sign up for the torunament.