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More SQ Info



After being announced to the community, work has restarted on compiling information on the various Squadrons in the community. The first additions to be made to exisiting information is Contact Information and updated web links.

The ACN staff has also begun to contact Squadrons that are not currently in the index or do not have complete page in the index, for information.


I've decided that the best time to open up the site will be around the beginning of July or late may, depending on the cooperation I get from the squadrons. Even if the index isn't filled up, I'd like to get a good number of pages for the squadrons completed.

There are 21 Squadrons in the Index right now. I figure that seven pages completed will be sufficient from launch. From there more squadrons can add their information.



Ribbon-Blue: I've successfully setup the forum as a way for people to submit videos and images or get in contact with the staff. It's a pretty sweet system. It's small, on site and out of the way unless you're looking for it.

I also just got done finishing the Featured Content page layout and am adding content to that right now.

I've begun to contact the squadron XOs and COs to get thesquadron index up and going ASAP. That's going to take a bit of time, though...

I'll probably start looking for a staff this weekend.

...Oh, yeah! Once this place is all set and good to go, I'm just going to buy it and go from there. That'd be a lot easier.