Ace Community Network


Upcoming Streams


ACN will be hosting their first Community Night on August 7th, 2009. Various hosts will be on at a pre-arranged time running Team Battle, Battle Royale and Siege Battle rooms for at least an hour and thirty minutes. For more information, see the ACN Community Night entry in the Community Event Blog.

Matches will be streamed at random throughout the night in the Viewing Room.

In related news, the upcoming Strategic Military Services v. Sins and Saints squadron match is to be streamed on ACN. The match day and time are still undecided, but ACN is to commence coverage once that information comes in.

1st ACN Tournament



ACN's first attempt to run a Tournament is underway. Headed by Green Giant (Ribbon-Crimson), this Legacy Tournament is the first of a planned series of Legacy tournaments. For more information, see the Community Event blog of ACN.

Site Services



Its been decided that ACN is to begin efforts to promote Community Events and participation by setting up new Tournaments and offering their services those that wish to utilize them for the same purposes.

In fact, ACN is currently assisting with the AC6 Tournament being put on by For more information, see the Community Event section of ACN.