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Site Improvements


Hey all! Just a friendly reminder about some recent changes.

The Site Info page will now directly point you to the relevant parts of the site automatically when clicked instead of having to use the tabs. It has now become the Contact page which allows you to directly send us your ideas and concerns! Also, the page has been expanded to deal with Community events as well, an all in one page almost.
A new forum has been created for the head honchos of ACN to discuss new projects and events for the future. As such, feel free to leave comments on the Blog for what you would want to see or play.

Progress Report


Recently, the Updates had been stalled due some data issues, but the problem has been fixed and all Updates are now finished and online.

New Squadron Pages :

Upcoming Streams


ACN will be hosting their first Community Night on August 7th, 2009. Various hosts will be on at a pre-arranged time running Team Battle, Battle Royale and Siege Battle rooms for at least an hour and thirty minutes. For more information, see the ACN Community Night entry in the Community Event Blog.

Matches will be streamed at random throughout the night in the Viewing Room.

In related news, the upcoming Strategic Military Services v. Sins and Saints squadron match is to be streamed on ACN. The match day and time are still undecided, but ACN is to commence coverage once that information comes in.
Hey guys, information coming down the pike from the Blue Ribbon himself is that the Squadron Information Index pages have been finished for the following Squadrons :

The 51st Mercenary Division
Sins and Saints
Free Erusian Air Force

The following squadrons have had their pages created and being finished as we speak :

183rd Air Division
k12 Crazy Swiss Pilots
TCS Gladiator Wing
Universal Peace Enforcement Organization 

In other news, the Site's Contact Page has been updated. So if you've been trying to contact the Staff, it should be that much easier!

Hello all, this is TornadoADV, your new Community Blog head honcho. I'll be keeping you up to date on what's happening on the site and anything new coming down the pipe in terms of tournaments and challenges!
August 1st, 2009 at 9pm EST, ACN will be testing out the latest addition to the website. The ACN Viewing Room will be streaming video live from the Belkan Air Force vs Strategic Military Services match.

The Viewing Room is to be ran by draux, Video Channel Manager, and will provide live video from various events. The Viewing Room will be reviewed after the match and an official decision about keeping it and future events will be made.