Ace Community Network


Rotations Begin



Video Channel and Featured Content media rotations have begun. From now on, ACN rotations will follow the schedule outlined in the Site Information page.

Updates include the first installment of Ace Combat Weekly with its new host, SHADOWxJimbob on the ACN Video Channel.

1st ACN Tournament



ACN's first attempt to run a Tournament is underway. Headed by Green Giant (Ribbon-Crimson), this Legacy Tournament is the first of a planned series of Legacy tournaments. For more information, see the Community Event blog of ACN.

More SQ Info



After being announced to the community, work has restarted on compiling information on the various Squadrons in the community. The first additions to be made to exisiting information is Contact Information and updated web links.

The ACN staff has also begun to contact Squadrons that are not currently in the index or do not have complete page in the index, for information.

New VC Manager+



Ace Community Network is now looking for a few individuals to help run the ACN Website. The position of Video Channel Manager has been filled by draux. Video Channel rotations are to begin on July 18th, 2009. ACN would like to thank and congratulate draux for his decision to join up.

ACN is also looking for a second blogger and a Manager for the Featured Content page. For more information on these positions, see the ACN Service page.

Site Services



Its been decided that ACN is to begin efforts to promote Community Events and participation by setting up new Tournaments and offering their services those that wish to utilize them for the same purposes.

In fact, ACN is currently assisting with the AC6 Tournament being put on by For more information, see the Community Event section of ACN.

New Banner



The new banner is up. Thanks to Elude for her work and for any follow on support that we need with it. -RB

The Leap



Well, ACN has been announced to ACS, ES and XBLS. Things look very promising behind the scenes, despite a less than stellar reaction to the public. Nevertheless is seems like there is an oppurtunity to make big things happen, thanks to a certain few individuals. -RB