Ace Community Network


New VC Manager+



Ace Community Network is now looking for a few individuals to help run the ACN Website. The position of Video Channel Manager has been filled by draux. Video Channel rotations are to begin on July 18th, 2009. ACN would like to thank and congratulate draux for his decision to join up.

ACN is also looking for a second blogger and a Manager for the Featured Content page. For more information on these positions, see the ACN Service page.

Site Services



Its been decided that ACN is to begin efforts to promote Community Events and participation by setting up new Tournaments and offering their services those that wish to utilize them for the same purposes.

In fact, ACN is currently assisting with the AC6 Tournament being put on by For more information, see the Community Event section of ACN.

New Banner



The new banner is up. Thanks to Elude for her work and for any follow on support that we need with it. -RB

The Leap



Well, ACN has been announced to ACS, ES and XBLS. Things look very promising behind the scenes, despite a less than stellar reaction to the public. Nevertheless is seems like there is an oppurtunity to make big things happen, thanks to a certain few individuals. -RB


I've added the temporary email, [email protected]. This will allow ACN to utilize a contact form to better get in touch with everyone that visits the website. Wether it is a submission, suggestion or complaint, feel free to use the contact sheet at anytime. The ACN Staff will be allowed to access the ACN Email account at anytime time they're on.

Besides more Squadron Index additions, a new page is currently under construction and a new staff member is to come on board sometime this weekend. More details on that later. -RB


The first staff member for the website has arrived. Yellow 13 of the 156th TFW 'Aquila' has taken up a general site manager position, besides being the Squadron and Community Index proof reader.

A huge thanks to 13.

The website URL and name has changed. I doubt it'll change again, so no worries about links being broken. With a name suggestion from Green Giant (Ribbon-Crimson), this website is now known as AceCommunityNetwork. I don't know if a .com or .net would be better for the actual URL. We'll get there when we get there.

Elude from ACS has agreed to hook us up with a fancy new banner around the time ACN launches. It'll take some time, but the new banner will mark the imminent launch of the website.



I've decided that the best time to open up the site will be around the beginning of July or late may, depending on the cooperation I get from the squadrons. Even if the index isn't filled up, I'd like to get a good number of pages for the squadrons completed.

There are 21 Squadrons in the Index right now. I figure that seven pages completed will be sufficient from launch. From there more squadrons can add their information.



I'll be focusing on the Squadron Index this weekend. Maybe dabble around in the Squadron FAQ as well. The FAQ to be used is going to be a modified one from ACS; already got permission from Eagle 1, so it's all good. That one is pretty spot on for the most part.



Ribbon-Blue: I've successfully setup the forum as a way for people to submit videos and images or get in contact with the staff. It's a pretty sweet system. It's small, on site and out of the way unless you're looking for it.

I also just got done finishing the Featured Content page layout and am adding content to that right now.

I've begun to contact the squadron XOs and COs to get thesquadron index up and going ASAP. That's going to take a bit of time, though...

I'll probably start looking for a staff this weekend.

...Oh, yeah! Once this place is all set and good to go, I'm just going to buy it and go from there. That'd be a lot easier.